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That game you play when you don't feel like doing anything.
Kelton: Science project?
Nguyen: Nah.
Kelton: Run 3 time.
by applesandgrapes October 24, 2017
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A game about running aliens made by Player_03. Each alien has their own unique abilities to complete levels. It also has a decent plot which makes it even more interesting.
Have you've heard? Run has another sequel, go check out Run 3!
by Lolzey April 28, 2019
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a phrase commonly used by LAA Angels' Broadcaster Victor Rojas, whenever a 3 run home run is hit by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
At the end of the game, HOWIE KENDRICK HIT A 3 RUN JIMMY JACK for a game winner!
by katierose June 7, 2010
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