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The most amazing girl in the whole wide world. She can cheer you up any time and is AWESOME! YOU WILL NEVER RISE TO HER LEVEL OF AWESOMENESS! You just can't, and if you try to .. well .. even your mum will say you aren't as awesome as her. she is amazing, wonderful, kind, and she can brighten up your day.
" that girl looks sooo coooll!! "

" Shuttup, that's Rumaysa, 'cool' can't even describe her."
by awesomener101 December 27, 2011
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Rumaysa is a beautiful girl that always has a smile on her face and makes her freinds laugh. She's intelligent, but doesn't show it, so everyone underestimates her. She loves learning new languages and reading but also likes parties and hanging with freinds - she's an ambivert. Rumaysa is very pretty, but doesn't know it
Sometimes she doesn't think before she speaks and messes things up really easily

Rumaysa is a flirt, she flirts with everyone even if she doesn't know it and all the boys (and some girls) want her but are too shy to ask but she is oblivious to all this

She loves surrounding herself with freinds but sometimes feels lonely in a big group

She has anxiety and insomnia they keep her up at night and holds her back

Rumaysa has super strict parents butt she finds a way around them with her charm
by Rah06 April 01, 2019
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