If this rule is applied to anything it must be permanently ignored for that point onwards.

This rule only applies to the speaker, however it is generally seen to be polite to not mention the subject in question to the speaker of the rule.
Speaker: "I call rule 58 on my ex-girlfriend!"

Man: "You can't be serious?"

Speaker: "Rule 58 is final!"

Man: "Fair enough, I can sympathise there"
by TLK1- The tall guy November 5, 2010
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Go Fuck Yourself.

Generally used as a retaliation for any criticism that is asinine or has no conceivable meaning.
OP: I'm really enjoying Starcraft 2 right now, hackers aside.

Troll: lol, lil' noob-fag sucks at SC2 !!!!!1!!!1!1!111!1!11

OP: Rule 58.
by V90210 November 5, 2010
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If it exists there's an anti of it
Friend 1:"Bro did see the anti anime server link posted"
Friend 2:"Yes it is one of rule 58 stuff that's out there"
by _name_1ess November 22, 2020
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If a fandom is trending for at least 5 business days, there is at least one illegal ship that makes absolutely no sense that has been created.
Person 1: "Hey, have you seen Sally Face on your For You page? I hope nobody ships Sal and Megan!"

Person 2: "It's inevitable, because of Rule 58."
by vinnerz April 27, 2021
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