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A person who’s one in a million, he cares a lot for you, more than he will ever reveal. He’s strong and loyal and funny and loving and most importantly, he’s protective and genuinely cares about what happens to the people he loves. Sometimes the indifference appears as a shield, but those lucky enough to be inside those walls can see what an amazingly dumb n annoying person he is
Hi ruhaan
by SomeoneYouDntKno November 25, 2018
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Ruhaan is a person who is very kind and caring. Many people will find him annoying but they aren't close enough to him to see how caring he is. He genuinely cares for those who are special in his life. If you know a Ruhaan, you shouldn't take him for granted. Ruhaan has most likely had some ideal partners that have rejected him in the past; however, Ruhaan does not dwell on it, for Ruhaan has lost someone that didn't love him but they lost someone that loved them. Ruhaan is a very important person in anyone's life, however, he is pretty sensitive to emotional thoughts and isn't very physically strong. He has probably been bullied in the past and is going to be very upset inside if someone hurts his feelings but he chooses not to show it. He is also prone to losing his temper and when he does, he'll do so for a while and then come back to apologize.
Hey Ruhaan
by bubblecamo December 30, 2018
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Ruhaan is the haan brotha of (Arhaan) but he isn’t as gureto daze as his haan brotha. Watches manga and reads anime (lol wut a dumbass) and has a huge ass mole with pubic hair all over it. But he is also gureto daze cuz he an otaku.
Guy 1: Wait... is that Arhaan?

Guy 2: No you dumbass! That’s the stupid mole shit Ruhaan!
by Zawarudo,are July 15, 2018
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