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Rubi is a real gem. She has a free spirit that cannot be bound. She is kind, loving and caring. Rubi is a person that any man would be lucky to have by his side. She is direct, honest, sticks up for her values and she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. If you know a Rubi, don't let her out of your sight. Be it as a friend or a lover, she will only add to the richness of your life.

Oh and sometimes she can put on a bit of a hard shell. Don't be swayed by it, deep down she is as soft as butter.

But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, "Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.

Josef told Mary about his encounter and she just remarked: " Don't be silly, that probabaly just was Rubi"
by Iopenattheclose May 04, 2017
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A Rubi is a smart, pretty, tall, and funny girl. She protects her friends and stands up for what she believes in. All the guys have a crush on Rubi. She is also a perfect best friend to have. So if you get a Rubi be greatful and keep her because not everyone has a Rubi like this one.
Guy 1-Hey who’s the new girl?
Guy 2-That’s Rubi
Guy 1-Dude!!! She’s flaming hot!! I want her.
by Martinezrubi1705 May 18, 2018
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If you know a Rubi we'll never let her go she's A beautiful girls with a loving heart and she well bring the happiness to your life but sometimes she's depressed half of her time so make her feel loved cause one day you never know when she might pass away she's honest, trustful,loving,so if you know a Rubi you must be so lucky to have her anyone would be so luck to have a Rubi. Rubi so nice

2.rubi is so beautiful

3.anyone would be lucky to have a Rubi like her
by Waz good Gam December 03, 2017
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Rubi is beautiful. She's smart. She is funny. She is the best cousin you could ever ask for. She can be annoying at times but at the end she's everything you could imagine.
Rubi is an example of a Angel
by Queen LOL January 07, 2017
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A smart, beautiful, loving girl that is totally unresistable, this is a girl you cannot live without. There is no word that can describe Rubi because she is absolutely perfect.
"Look at Rubi, she stole my heart! Such a beautiful girl my oh my!!!"
by KoalaTFX April 12, 2017
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What are Rubi’s? Rubi’s are the greatest person you will ever meet,even though they don’t show it they are. Rubi’s are extremely kind and not social at all but they still try to make others happy. Rubi’s can take many hits and they won’t fall down because they feel already too worthless to even care about what other say because she says worse things to herself , Even though she is the person who keeps everyone together, without her everyone will fall apart. She is extremely important,caring,awesome, and sweet but she doesn’t think that so help her realize she is way more than nothing, you are the luckiest person in the world if you have a Rubi so take care of her and help her threw thick and thin,no matter what, a Rubi will try to help even though she is broken herself.
#careforher #Rubi #help #worthless #nice #sweet
by RLFNAFHP July 04, 2018
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A rare person to come by; Most often of hispanic origin, as precious as the jewl, people with this name are naturaly beautiful and hard to come by. Rubi's love dancing and have really fun personalitys, making them someone people naturally love having around. Usually very sociable, however they love to form strong friendships. Becareful around Rubi, because they are natural flirts and you could mistake friendly banter for something romantic. One of the most notable qualitys of Rubi's are their caring natrure, unfortunatly they have the hardest time finding love, they have high standards and typicaly wont give second chances once you screw up. Limmited are the Rubi's of the world, so that each one should be respected, admired and loved.
Guy1: " Did you see the new girl in choir?!"

Guy2:" Yea! She just transferd over to our school Jr. year!

Guy1: " Shes goregeous! She must be the Rubi, that everyone is taling about!
by YoBenDover December 31, 2014
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