The collection of memories you think about while masturbating or to otherwise achieve orgasm. See: Spank Bank.
The wild sex I had last night with my boyfriend is definitely going in the rub club for when I'm out of town.
by TeamRam December 31, 2012
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a "massage parlor" where the masseuse (usually a young, attractive woman) gives a "happy ending" (i.e. a hand job or a blow job); for a gratuity, the customer may get more than the "happy ending"
"Welcom to Fancy's Rub Club. That will be $150 for the massage with happy ending. Anything more is negotiable."
by 80's Guy October 25, 2006
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n) the female variation on the spank bank - an area of the short term memory in which arousing images are stored for subsequent recollection and masturbation.
Jennifer: Hey Brit! Did you see that guy?
Brit: Who? The one that looks like Scott Baio?
Jennifer: No, the one that looks like Gary Coleman!
Brit: Oh my god! Look at him! That's goin in the rub club!
Jennifer: Hey-oh!


Solange: Did you see that guy getting his swell on at the gym?
LaQueesha: Rub club.
by Pakpao Kanya February 24, 2009
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The girls equivalent to the mans spank bank
Oooh girl his body is so fine I'm gonna definitely put him in the Rub Club for later ;-)
by xSmizeH2Tx November 27, 2014
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A place where you can go and be alone to masterbate. It has exceptional porn.
O man I just got back from a family vacation. I need to make a visit to the dick rub club
by erein September 13, 2004
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club rub: sore male parts after clubbing.
"i was dancing with this girl for an hour and have the worst CLUB RUB of my life.
by Mdoga August 24, 2009
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