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A really nice seaside community in Norwalk, CT. There are several beaches and clubs and Pinckney park where every year there is Shakespeare on the Sound. In the center of town, there are restaurants, pizza parlor, a gourmet store, ice-cream shop, post office, hardware store and the like. The town is populated with preppy nouveau riche types, but also with quieter old money. The houses by and on the water usually sell in excess of $2mil, the nicest areas being Bell Island and the Pine Point Association. Activities include: beach-going, sailing, windsurfing, swimming and tennis. The atmosphere is very much like Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard (sans tourists) and it is very little known. Most people from Darien do not like to recognize this new 'hot spot' and regard it with contempt as it is in Norwalk (the 'ghetto'). Also most Rowaytonites do not like to admit that they are in fact part of Norwalk, and can't believe that some people haven't heard of their little paradise. So there it is: a bubble within the bubble of Fairfield county.
guy1: So, where you from?

guy2: Rowayton.

guy1:Uh where's that?'s part of Norwalk.

guy1: Ohhh...
by rowayton-boy July 02, 2007
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A small PART OF NORWALK, even though they think they are not. because they deney the fact that thier town could possibly have ghettos! a lot of snots, but a lot of nice people as well. overall rowayton is a pretty cool and very nice place.
You wanna go for a run down in rowayton and maybe grab a bite to eat?
by raor August 17, 2005
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Rowayton is a nice little village overrun by old people and Darien people who think are board with their town so they hop on over. Complete with a pizza place, an ice cream shack, and a market that overprices chips and dip. The children that do live in the town are forever trying to escape it or at least find an escape outside of the skateboarding universe although many kids still do. Activities include: Sailing, powerboating, yachting, random water sports, walking through construction sites of the ever expanding houses, and sailing. Watch out for this village. It'll scare the crap out of any lost Norwalkian. Oh, and the old people that happen to vist yell at the kids in the streets for being too loud. Enjoy your visit!!
What say we go to Rowayton!
by Rowayton_r_us April 05, 2005
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