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A female who works in the pipeline industry as welders helper or swamper who has sex with anyone or anything as a means to advance threw the work place.
That fucking row hoe ran threw the entire front end after work last night and now shes blowing the weld boss. Bless her slutty little heart.
by Douchebag#1 June 16, 2018
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(n) 1. white girl who is not part of a sorority but frequently visits fraternty houses on Fraternity Row 2. young lady who performs sexual favors for fraternity boys and black athletes while visitting Fraternity Row 3. trendy wench who dons mini skirts with snow boots and wife beaters; usually carries around a colorful Louis Vuitton bag 4. a wannabe O.C. chick who worships anorexic chicks on Laguna Beach and thinks MTV is a viable source of news; places Ryan Seacrest on Larry King's pedastal
1 & 2. Several Row Hoes marched towards the Sigma Xi house, furious lust flashing in their ocean blue eyes. 3. When Jessica Simpson revealed her raibow Louis on Newlyweds, every Row Hoe on campus started rocking one.
by Jai Caliwood February 17, 2005
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