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A gentrified individual who frequents Santana Row (San Jose, CA "Lifestyle center" mixed-use shopping mall) and espouses it as an enclave of culture and luxury.

Typically these individuals live well beyond their means, purchasing prized luxury handbags while drowning in credit card and student loan debt.
Wanna get drinks at Santana Row?
No, I can't deal with all those Row Ho's, let's go to that star wars bar instead!
by tacoraj October 18, 2017
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One sad-ass bitch who rows and thinks she is the best because of it. Full of shit; slapper.
Yo, u seen that mofo row-ho?She a fuckin HO dawg, she think she know it all dude!She says it like she knows, just cuz she rows, but she really a ho, and she thinks I don`t know?!, hell she ain`t even in it 4 the dough!
by sum1 who knows (ukw) February 12, 2003
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