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Rovens is a African term for "God of Big Penises". Rovens is more commonly known as a boy name but has female variations such Rovina, and Rogina. Mostly use for Black Males that are generally short. They are good with ladies are considered sexy in the most ladies. A great sense of style they just are the best. A great sense of humor and just generally a great person. Those are the lucky few who are named "Rovens" ,because Legend tells of the African god to bestow his blessing on those who are named after them. And that blessing is the gift is attractiveness, longevity, and of course a above average size dong. ( that is for black people, so that mean its already huge compare to white or Italians or any European descent so above average Black Penis is translated to a HUGE white Penis)
Guy 1:" Hey man look at that guy down the street with that SMOKING HOT BABE"

Guy 2:"He just looks like a Rovens"
by expert of everything January 04, 2012
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That pengawas from taman sea that likes chicken rice and smokes weed
Omg Roven is smoking weed and eating chicken rice!
by Dad gay lol June 10, 2018
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