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To have a sore anus, or to have had extremely rough anal sex... sometimes leading to rectal bleeding.

It also means to receive a nice meal.
Girl 1: Hey, how was your night?
Girl 2: Oh, it was great...until I got Routledged!
Girl 3: Oh! Did your parents make you dinner?
Girl 4: No, but my boyfriend did me in the ass.
by Lord Cumsalot December 18, 2009
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A term used only in sport. A pro 'baller' with a very poor technical ability, usually located in the UK. Known to be very unwanted and unloved. Often move on from club to club very quickly, making no real impact at any of these clubs to be remembered for.
Person 1: Hey we made a new signing today!!
Person 2: Yeah don't get to excited he's a real Routledge.
Person 1: Oh ..
by A Pro Baller June 29, 2012
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