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xo till we overdose, abbreviated XOTWOD, has to do with the weeknd and his fan base

xo means the drugs ecstasy and oxycontin / the weeknd’s record label

if you are a fan of abel, you should know this

“bro i love abel so much goddamn

“same bro xo till we overdose forever
by xotwod.forever March 12, 2022
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abel t/abel tesfaye : only the most legendary R&B singer of all time, and the hottest man alive. if you pronounce his name “a-bell” you’re a fake xo and im never talking to you. anyways happy thursdayyy! XOTWOD
“abel t is the hottest, best, most talented, kindest mf out there”

ik bro this man’s an R&B legend. way better than beyoncé too”
by xotwod.forever March 12, 2022
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the third hottest man in outer banks after jj and rafe, hot tan surfer boy who pulled sarah cameron the girl of every guys dreams
yo did you see john booker routledge??”

yeah bro he fine ash
by xotwod.forever March 12, 2022
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phenomenal Song by the Weeknd, a legendary work of art. this song is about the weeknd wanting a commitment when the girl he’s singing about doesnt, it’s a very interesting and unique song by the weekend considering what it’s about - and he is on the receiving end of his bad habits that he brags about. true xo fans should know this.

if you haven’t heard love to lay what are you doing with your life??
“have you heard love to lay”
“yeah bro xotwod duhhh”
yuhhh cuz she loves to layyy
by xotwod.forever March 12, 2022
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