A female that walks all over the workplace looking for male attention.

Do you see this roundabout whore walking laps to get male attention?

That roundabout whore is talking to every married man in the work place.
by UnCorked February 22, 2020
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A sex position where a person is penetrated from behind, and they reach around to finger the person penetrating them. The two are often related
"Did you hear about the party last night?"
'Yeah man, I was so drunk I did an Alabama roundabout!'
by Mabelgirl May 27, 2020
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Willingly driving the opposite way in a roundabout.

Note: Might get you arrested.
Guy: Did you see the news about that guy who got arrested?

Guy 2: Yeah, he did the fuck a roundabout.
by Dankspanka' November 15, 2017
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When a person places their legs behind their head and inserts a whole package of hot dogs, (kosher or not), into their rectum, forcing them to come out of their mouth. The cycle is continued with the regurgitated hot dogs being re-inserted, hence the name "round-a-bout"
Dude, can you believe my mom is feeding us the same hotdogs she used for a hot dog roundabout ?
by IDONTEATHOTDOGS November 29, 2020
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You start on Facebook, then say you're bored of it, and then after visiting just a few more sites find yourself back on Facebook without realising it.
i was on facebook got tired of it and before i knew i was on facebook agian wtf facebook roundabout!!
by guitarist2012 January 07, 2012
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A popular sex act in the homosexual community in which a man suspends himself from a tall beam typically found in a barn using a cattle lasso, then inserts his penis into the other man laying flat on the ground and proceeds to spin around at full speed until completion
Hey RJ, my cow wouldn’t stand still. You mind helping me do a Texas Roundabout later?
by Sex Master Supreme February 24, 2020
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