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The rarest of Tuits available in the known universe, the Round Tuit is a true gem of an artifact, with an illustrious history. If you have located one, you must cherish and protect it, for its ethereal beauty cannot be properly articulated within the stringent limitations of the current languages of mere mortals. Blessed are those who hold a coveted Round Tuit, for they will never have to fall victim to the age-old adage "I will do (menial task) when I get around to it." Nay, for the holder of a Round Tuit shall be charmed with the ever-present ability to effortlessly and joyously conquer all things requiring doing: present, past, and future.
"I had been trying to finish a home renovation project for ages, but due to only having square and rectangle Tuits in my garage, I was unable to. Alas, I came across my cherished possession. Once I got a Round Tuit, the job was done before you could shake a stick. Now, nothing can stop me!"
by zaniac420 August 03, 2018
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Finally, finding the time to accomplish something.
Mary had postponed seeing SAVING RYAN'S PRIVATES because she was not in the mood for a violent movie. But with all of the talk in the office, she finally got a round tuit.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
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