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1. Rouf
an amazing guy that is really funny and
really adorable that you cant help but love .
2. Rouf
Rouf is the cutest boy you'll ever meet, or
look at, he has great taste in music and has
the most amazing hair ever, he's the best
friend you'll never meet, he is loveable and
caring, if somethings wrong he'll try to
make everything better.
3. Rouf
(N.) The most amazing guy anyone will ever
meet. He's caring, sweet, compassionate,
stunning, trustworthy, breathtaking, and the
only guy that can completely sweep a girl off
her feet. The one boy on the planet that
knows how to treat a girl right and keep her
smiling twenty four hours a day, three
hundred sixty-five days a year. He's perfect
from head to toe and there's no
combination of words that could actually
express how incredible he is.
4. Rouf
an extremely hot, sweet, nice, irresistable
guy that will do anything for the one he
wants. He also has the hottest body in the
whole wide world and is very fuckable.
5. Rouf
Rouf is a very cool named person, but very
intelligent even if he does not look or seem
6. Rouf
a sexy beast from the north, far better
looking and far better in bed than ross.
omg!look at that guy over there,he's such a rouf!!!
my boyfriend's name is rouf and there's no one that can replace him or love me the way he does.
wow!!!that guy's so cute
well he should be he's a rouf.
by kate haloween December 01, 2012
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(n). The most savage nigga of them all.
The man on the road crossed the street without pressing the button was a Rouf.
by Abbadaba May 30, 2016
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