An insult that has been used against gay men in the same vein as 'Fruitcake' or 'Fairy'.
"Haha! Hey look, here comes the roseboy! You are digsuting!"
by woodendrugs July 18, 2022
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A term made up by TME kids who speak over transfem people to erase femboy identities, despite transfems supporting the femboy community. Please say femboy instead.
Tiktok kid, not transfem: "Stop saying femboy it's a slur against trans women (source: idk), say roseboy instead."
Me, transfem: "You're not a trans woman or a femboy, you don't get to decide that, now go stuff roses into your mouth so you can shut the hell up."
by itsjessican December 10, 2021
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A stupid ass word used mostly by idiots on TikTok. As someone who identifies as a Femboy it isn't transphobic and all the trans people I know (FTM and MTF) agree that it isn't transphobic so stfu >:(
Idiot: Femboy is transphobic use roseboy instead
Literal Femboy: you are fucking stupid
by GOOSE KING March 29, 2022
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An extremely offensive term for males that act like/look like females.
Person 1: Shut up ROSEBOY!
Person 2: :(
by tsar obama July 11, 2022
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An alternative term for a femboy, which is a feminine boy. Many users (including me) prefer to use femboy

term over roseboy since it's not considered to be offensive.
Person A is a roseboy. They are a guy but they like to go out in dresses.
by hunter3294023 January 31, 2023
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A term most used often in a demeaning or derogatory manner, to describe a male who is frequently the recipient of rough anal sex, to the point of causing an anal prolapse. It is derivative of the term Rosebud. It is an especially popular term in prisons.
"Look at that pathetic roseboy, his ass is all puckered up from taking all those dicks!"
by Johnstonestreets February 3, 2023
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