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The term “rose in a glass” does in fact refer to just that, a silk rose in a glass tube, purchased in bulk from vendors in China. The rose, however, is incidental, because it’s the glass that serves the purpose as a crack pipe. Often bought alongside a Chore Boy, wool pads that you would normally use as cleaning pads. The chore boy is used as a filter between the rock and the users mouth.
I surprised my girlfriend with a rose in a glass, who would have thought such a small token of my love would have brought her such joy. She is very careless and clumsy, she cracked my gift after having it less than an hour. As I watched her grab a can of her favorite soda to console herself, I handed her another "Love Rose". "Be more careful with this one my dear," I said. "I only have 34 more." "Then I don't want this green one," she lamented. "Roses aren't green, they're pink, or white, or red." I handed her three of each color, like a glass bouquet. "It must have taken you so long to find so many," she said. I told her that I collected them for her over a period of time, picking up one or two, three when I felt adventurous. "Was it love, or did it feel like a chore?" she asked. I said, "I do what I do out of love, I am not your chore boy." We spent a rare night filled with the kind of joy that only small gifts can bring. Think of the wonderful feelings of comfort and security a box of love can bring to a couple who appreciates the smaller things in life, who live clean, and love to share a blast together.
by jdrako August 18, 2013
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