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A rosalyn usually has brown eyes and is a real lover . Most people love her and are jealous of her . Her names short for rose in Spanish . She's got a beautiful smile ! And has the best body . Who is very funny. Also is really unique and loves singing . She Isnt usually open with her thoughts or feelings . If she seems quiet at first . Is a completely lovely person to be friends with . She can tell when anyone's sad and knows how to make them happy . A rosalyn is one of a kind and no one has the same name spelt the same way . People don't understand her vibe but only because it's different . She's sensitive but doesn't let anyone push her around . She's got a voice and when in need she uses it . She gets underestimated a lot but it's okay because she proves herself.
by Raced car April 09, 2017
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Rosalyn is possibly one of the most gorgeous people you'll ever meet, and funniest. She wants to become either a babysitter or a model, which both she would suit into since she's so loving and gentle, yet gorgeous and one-of-a-kind. She gets pretty aggressive if you get her |that| mad. She's a real lover, but her standards are set pretty high. She can tell if you're sad, even if you're trying to fake it. If you're mad at her, tell her, she doesn't like secrets all too well. She always seems to be underestimated, and always somehow proves herself to people, one way or another. She's super shy at first, but when you get to know her, she's so cool and weird and quirky, in a good way though... One of a kind.

She has a pretty mix of brown-red curly and straight hair, its so beautiful, fits her face well. Her jawline is faint, but sharp enough you could tell.. she has a little beauty mark on her left cheek. Her smile, as if it were the Supermoon. It could light up the entire ocean floor. She has a small scar on the bottom of her chin. She has the body figure of a pear, and its absolutely beautiful.

If you meet a Rosalyn, keep her. She wifey material.
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by fast_race_cars December 08, 2017
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An amazing girl that you are lucky to have. If you talk to her a lot then she probably cares about you a lot. Even if you’re mad at her she will still care about you. She is very loving and is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. If you ever meet a Rosalyn become her friend cause as soon as you see her you will fall in love. She is kind and gentle. Once she loves something or someone she will never stop because she loves with all her heart. She is strong and brave. She is also very sensitive. If you don’t see her crying there is a problem. She has an amazing fashion sense and is gorgeous enough to become a model. Her laugh may be weird to her but other think that it’s cute. She can be mature but usually acts like she is 4. If only she could see the beauty in her soul. She also isn’t very confident and is easily embarrassed. But she can be very quirky and weird. If you break her heart she’ll be ok but if you ever do you should know that she will never trust you again but she still cares about you and loves you. She may not have many friends but that’s because the more friends you have the more people can just walk out of your life or hurt you. And she probably knows that pain very well. She is very nice because she doesn’t want people to feel the pain she feels everyday. She is hilarious and laughs at her own jokes but that’s ok. She puts others first and is a just amazing. So if you ever meet a Rosalyn keep her she is perfect.
I shouldve never let go of Rosalyn.
by Grace pop November 20, 2018
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the most awesome wonderful girlie in tha universe....... yes she is for real
Dude, that is so Rosalyn!!!!! I wish I could be like that!
by bobolina May 21, 2005
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A girl who has haters and lovers but only cares about the good people.
by Raced car April 09, 2017
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A rosalyn is a beautiful girl with short thick black hair and tan skin and brown eyes
by Raced car April 09, 2017
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A Rosalyn is a teenager in high school, and, more importantly, a babysitter.

These girls can handle almost any type of child, provided that they get paid some extra, extra, moolah on the side. Children are often intimidated or scared of her because she is just as cunning as they are.

First seen in Calvin and Hobbes.
If you ever need a babysitter for your cute, yet manipulative kids, the only one who will agree to do it is that girl across the street. She is clearly a Rosalyn.
by Cagefight December 06, 2006
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