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A poseur who thinks he's a playa. Someone who is clueless about how unskilled he is at picking up girls.
So Michelle was at the bar and this roosh comes up to her and says "hey baby, what's your sign?"
by Joe Mama Smith May 05, 2007
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The tangled mass of sweat, faeces, toilet paper, and pubic hair that develops between your ass due to poor hygiene.
If this Roosh gets any worse there isn't a proctologist in the country who will agree to treat me.

The average manosphereian can be detected from no small distance, due to the Roosh that they all seem to develop.

That Roosh is so bad even a stray dog wouldn't sniff it.
by Sparroo September 23, 2016
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1. Someone, or something, that is such a waste to society, that they should be scraped off of of the planet.
2. As a cuss word, replaces the word Cunt as the penultimate insult, particularly to a man.
3. Used to denote a male, who is a complete asshat, undeserving of empathy.
4. A coward, who is too weak willed to feel self empowered, and so seeks to demote those greater than themselves through use of force.
Example: After stepping in dog shit. "Fuck, I got Roosh on my shoe!"
Example 2: "That fucking Roosh just stole my wallet!"
Example 3: "Can you believe that Roosh just offered me a $100 to have sex with him? What a mega Roosh!"
Example 4: After tasting something particularly obnoxious, "Sweet Jesus, I think I just got a Roosh brush put in my mouth
by GnuWylrdOdour October 04, 2016
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The sound one makes when vomiting, or the noise feces make when evacuating the bowels at high speed.
Something abhorrent, disgusting, vile or rotten.
Lacking in morals and worth, a bottom feeder.
*Vomiting* ROOOOOSH

Ewww that smells like absolute Roosh.
Ugh, don't be such a Rooshbag.
OMG that dudebro is such a Rooshcanoe!
by d011 October 04, 2016
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1. (n) One cool chica who sleeps in AP Euro but we still love her!
2. (v) To be like Roosh in all aspects of life.
"Look at that girl dancing over there! Yeah... that's Roosh!"
by looking4inspiration March 19, 2005
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a very christian person (normally a honkey) who has a mind closed around their religion.

normally recognisable by their milk and church smell
e.g 1
person 1: Jesus is AWESOME!! Convert man, then you won't go to hell
person 2: Dude you are such a Roosh
person1: Is that a good thing?

e.g 2
person1: Have you noticed that she always smells of milk and wood?
person 2: yeah, must be a roosh
by Questie May 20, 2008
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