Contra Costa County Jail. Located in Martinez, CA. Known for a very hostile enviroment, and lower than average conditions.
Reubin: I heard Nick's house got raided last week.
Jose: Yeah! They took him to Room 9.
by hydranix January 25, 2015
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A shitty ass alternative schooling program North of Seattle where the students engage in highly skilled academic advancement learning opportunities such as field trip units. Currently being considered as being turned into a jail, but they don't really have to do much since it already is. Students commonly known as, "high func. low cap." meaning they have high function but low capability
"Hey broskstafa! Check out those Room 9 kids!"

"Yeah fasho bruh, why are they singing and holding hands at chuckee cheeses?"

"Oh its just their field trip/random negligent use of singing time unit."
by Royce Ramos March 23, 2009
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1. See also Room 7.
2. A Playmania clique who has its members needing help with right answers from others.
3. A haven for idiots who must cheat off of others, and cannot use their own brain to figure out simple puzzles or quizzes on Playmania.
4. An 'elite' group of arrogant, condescending, and egotistical people.
5. The internet's "Playmania for Dummies" home.
6. A group of Self-proclaimed PLARDS -- PLAymania retaRDS.
"Room 9 helps mentally-challenged watchers of Playmania."
"There are tons of egotistical morons in Room 9."
by anti-plard September 15, 2007
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