1) to be without a roof or ceiling to block, in other words to be without LIMIT to the things a person can say or do.
The things you said about her mother was roofless.
by lisha2892 April 18, 2015
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1. To be without a roof

2. Fierce!
"You be roofless... You may have a house but you have no roof, so bitch when it rain, you gon get wet. Therefore you be roofless."

"Damn girl! Your Roofless"
by thanalicious27 October 18, 2011
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The slang pronunciation of "Ruthless".

The term "Roofless" is used to define two (2) types of people:

1. Acknowledge someone who has the ability to make very harsh & demeaning personal insults against another person and not have any remorse, instead basking in the glory. (see example 1)

2. Praise a person before or after a dare, to whom the person is willing to take a huge risk that is highly embarrasing to themselves or another person. (see example 2)

When applied in a real-life situation, it is spoken or shouted AFTER the person has made the comment or accepted/completed the demoralising challenge (as given in the example).
Pronounced "roof" ~ "less"

Example 1:
Jack: Hey have you guys seen the new Terminator movie?

Daniel: No, but have you seen the one starring you in it?

Jack: What?


Everyone Else (to Daniel): ROOOFLESSSSSSS!!!!!

Example 2:
Everyone: Oy go steal that bottle of water and take a picture of yourself with it.

Jackson: I'm not going to do that...

Everyone: PUSSY!

Jackson: Everyone would know what that is... except Jack...

Everyone (except Jack): ROOFLESSSSSS!!!

Jackson: YOU KNOW WHAT, FINE! I'll steal it.

by crew2010 March 22, 2011
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