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Fictional striker for the dutch national team in EA Sports FIFA 08 and 09, they do not have the license for the netherlands tea.

Awesome striker with bleach blond hair.
Pass it to Van nistel...uh I mean Ronhaar!
by BUDA4200 July 02, 2009
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A mythical Sentar/Man horse known for his beauty, grace and long silky head of hair. Born on the planet Quainas, Ronhaar is an excellent Archer and swordsman. Although a White Anglosaxon male, Ronhaar is celebrated in the Asian community as a guardian angel for all peoples. He is faster than Superman and Stronger than the Incredible Hulk. In fact, he would be insulted if you mentioned his name in the same sentence.
I almost died last week in a car accident. Luckily I found myself in the ER and the doctors didn't even know how I had arrived there. It was just then that I looked out the hospital window and saw Ronhaar peeking in. He swiftly flew away into the night with his 4 hoofs pumping through the air. I figured he probably had to save another of his precious peoples.
by Woo Goldstein November 21, 2007
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