An anagram for Insane Anglo Warlord
Ronald Wilson Reagan, or Insane Anglo Warlord, was the anti-Christ. Luckily, he was very bad at it.
by Mr.Malicious November 24, 2009
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THE MOST OVERRATED PRESIDENT EVER! His reign (1981-1989) was marked by a huge shift in wealth from the middle class up to the rich. Reaganomics was the nuclear bomb dropped on the middle class in the class warfare battle. Reagan was very anti-union and during his reign working class wages fell as C.E.O. pay soared.Reagan cut taxes on corporations and the wealthy, by almost half, shifting the tax burden to the middle class. The resulting reduction in revenue, along with an insane peace-time military build up, lead to a tripling of our national debt.

Reagan also sold weapons toSaddam Hussein during the Iraq-Iran War and helped establish the Taliban in Afganistan to fight the Soviet Union.
The G.O.P. idolizes Ronald Wilson Reagan and want to continue his destruction of the American dream. The lasting legacy of our 40th president is: reganomics, the huge national debt and the rob-the-poor-to-feed-the-rich policies the GOP holds so dearly 20 years later. So many repubitards worship Ronald Reagan like a god it's no wonder they never get endorsements from unions, teachers or anyone with any sense of compassion.
by Charles_U_Farley July 27, 2009
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Late great USA President during most of the 1980's. Told the Iranian dictator Ayatolah Khomeini he would blast his ass the day he became President if the hostages, which Iran had for about a year (even though Pres. Jimmy Carter told him that wasn't very nice) were not released. The Ayatolah gave 'em up, not being stupid enough to test us like Saddam did.

Ronny's greatest contribution to the world was ending the cold war by bankrupting the USSR in a military arms race. The retards fell for it. Then Ronny showed those stupid Communists how great Democracy and free enterprise is. The stupid commies saw dollar signs and smartened up real quick.
If it wasn't for Ronald Wilson Reagan, we'd still have to worry about some future worldwide nuclear holocaust.
by Dick Bush June 04, 2006
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