After sex, while they are passed out, the act of pooping on your partners chest, smearing it all across their upper torso, dragging them into a sunny spot, and leaving it to dry. Afterwards, it can be removed and worn just like a Roman centurion’s body armour if you wish
“I need a costume for the fancy dress party” cried Ethal. “No problem love, lie down here and I’ll sort you out a proper Roman centurion costume”
by luvlyjubblies December 11, 2017
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Teabagging someone in a way where your balls rest on their head and your dong hangs down between their eyes and on their nose, much like a Roman centurion helmet.
My wife and I were fighting last night, so I had to give her the ole Roman Centurion to let her know who the real gladiator is.
by Clever Satan March 11, 2022
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