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Romaissa is the prettiest and kindest person you know. She always think of other people before herself. She is so generous and gorgeous. She loves everyone but when someone make angry or sad she won’t forgive them, if she does than you are very important to her
You know Romaissa is so cute and kind, even if I made her upset she forgives me.
by Sheyene May 24, 2018
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She is eye candy. She is sexy as hell, smart, ambitious, funny, determined, hot, and so desirable. She is trustworthy and reliable. She is also great overall. She is also super gorgeous. She brings most men down to their knees and makes people feel happy. When she walks into a room, she brings happiness and joy to the room. She is quite lovely.
I wish Romaissa was my bae.
by cloudlifter20 November 11, 2018
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