You may use rolling down when you must leave an awkward situation. Rolling down is a non awkward way to say good bye to strangers, mutuals, cashiers, and even friends too.
by Amazingangelathena August 11, 2021
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To roll down is a synonym for come down or stop by.
Hey girl just roll down my place at eight and we'll hit downtown later on.
by Forgotten Annie November 17, 2009
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what you know about rollin down in the deep?
ass line from the ass song by Masked Wolf
A: My mother has sadly passed away from ligma
B: Whatchu know bout rolling down in the deep?
by wetpenis90210 May 9, 2021
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The art of waving one's hands around in circles while gettin air in a sport like skateboarding or snowboarding.
Dude, you need to do some grabs when you're in the air...quit rolling down the windows!
by snowbody's business March 10, 2008
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A shot that is rumoured to be impossible in the game of football, However myth suggests that a few gifted players have crafted this talent, Usually mistaken as a mis hit shot...
The ball deflects off of a defender and falls towards the player, he lines it up for the shot and somehow magically performs the roll down leg generating immense power, it may look like a terrible attempt at a volley but dont be fooled.
by roll down May 25, 2011
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When 2 gay gamers try to have rough hard sex under water for at least 420 minutes+, and when the cum mixes with the water the other person drinks it up and vomits it out into the other persons mouth and then they drink it. After the other person drinks it, they have extreme diarrhea which they use as lubricant on their dicks. Then they take turn giving each other blowjobs.
Kevin: You want to try rolling down in the deep?
Albert: I've been waiting for you to ask that.
by EpicGaymer777 May 23, 2021
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