An extremely small car that has about as much engine power as a rollerskate.
"I can't believe you bought a rollerskate!"
"Yeah, well, it gets good gas mileage."
by mxscream November 7, 2014
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slang for ecstasy. used so that 5-0 doesn't know what you're talking about on a tapped line.
Yo, do you know anyone with rollerskates?
by whitelady December 22, 2005
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When one is killed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by someone using Commando from a long ways away. The killer looks like they are "rollerskating" to the victim while doing a knife lunge.
WTF, I just got rollerskated by that faggot from 10 yards away. Fuck this game.
by jtturbo February 16, 2010
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a type of shoe on which are four wheels, two in the front and two in the back, and a front brake. Popular in the 70s, and were replaced by rollerblades. Also, to use rollerskates.
by marie drake March 10, 2004
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When your getting head and shove your ball sack into a girls face and rub it up and down casually.
Guy: Yo I did the ball rollerskates on Emmas face last night
Guy 2: Nice.
by eatmypooyoufuckingdawg January 25, 2023
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