The act of getting high while ON a rollercoaster (strapped in the seats) such as using a joint, one-hit, or any other similar, fast-acting source (in other words, not edibles).
My friends and I went rollerblazing at Six Flags.
How was it?
Fucking epic!
by therollerblazer July 31, 2010
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The act of roller blading while blazing it up at the same time.
dude 1 "hey brah you you wanna work out" dude 2 " nah brah I'm just trynna blaze it up" dude 3 " Just go roller blazing then you can do both"
by cam is fam July 29, 2017
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The act of rollerblading after/or during the inhalation of copious amounts of Marijuana.
Girl 1: 'Hey have you seen those two legends Rollerblazing around Vondelpark?'
Girl 2: 'Oh man, they look so high but equally sexy and ripped'
by strikkerfoxx March 19, 2019
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