A Rolis is the the kind of person anyone would love to have around. A gentle giant if you will, a Rolis will care for and love the people around him unconditionally especially his best buddy Jose. A Rolis may come in a package of two in one as they sometimes come with a Fabis as a twin brother. Both are witty young gentlemen with bright futures. Rolis and Fabis are the kind of men who one cannot simply dislike. For those fortunate enough to be in the presence of a roli poli or a fabi lobby do not take that time for granted as these fine young gentlemen have disappeared away from friends chasing other things in life seemingly more important than friendships.
Hey Rolis can I have a dollar? “Yea man here’s a chicken slice
by James farticus February 21, 2020
When I hear some tight beats, everybody throws their hands up and I show my rolie the clouds.
by Kaiser D-efinition of Hoodrich October 13, 2004
Notorious BIG in Mo Money Mo Problems: "Throw your rollies in the sky/Wave 'em side to side..."
by Fish July 9, 2004
Short for "Ravioli", an oft-canned italian food preferred by college students for a quick meal.
Waiter: May I take your order sir?
Student: Yo, get me some o' dat Roli!
Waiter: Yes, sir. Would you like the cheese or the beef ravioli?
Student: Dat beef roli fo sho!
by 40 - 40 October 3, 2009
Another term for fat, or possible even human feces.
Guy: Damn..
Guy 2: what?
Guy: i;m gettng a little roly-ish. i;ve gained 200 lbs in 1 month.
Guy 2: fuck man..you roly!

Girl:omg wtf is that smell?
Guy:i took a roly.
by aundreaa October 27, 2008

A jelly or Swiss roll; sponge cake rolled up with a jam or custard filling.
Instead of the customary spotted dick, Neville requested a jam roly for his birthday feast. But Mummy decided to make a steamed treacle pud and so no one was happy.
by Luigi July 9, 2004
Real men's way of saying "Oh really?". Often used to question others or confuse the uninformed. Frequently responded to with ayrly.
rec0: Getting the server in 4 hours :D
Dr: roly
rec0: ayrly
by Paul - December 16, 2005