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A relaxed friend who is always there. She always cherishes the past and is funny and crazy. Sometimes needs pulling back down to earth.

Spreads a good vibe around and always has a smile.

You can normally rely on a Rojda to do anything and help you out, at any time.

''I'll always be here for you,'' Rojda said. ''No matter what the time.''
by mrs kermit the frog August 23, 2014
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The definition of perfection. Generally average height, but far beyong average looks. She got tits for days and an ass that won't quit. She is very warm and smart. She can make you laugh after even the worst day. An amazing person who you can call your friend and even more amazing if you can call her your girl. Incredible in bed and will let u do anal if she trusts you. On the other hand, if you piss her off, she will find you and break off your dick out of rage. If you have a Rojda in your life, don't ever lose her. You will regret it forever!
Man 1: Holy fuck, that girl is smoking hot!
Man 2: Of course she is, she's Rojda, they're always hot like that.
Man 3: yeah, and she is my bitch
by The Supreme King June 01, 2018
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