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Anyone who is an Asian. This term can also apply to natives of the pacific islands if they have squinty eyes. Derived from the English word "Rice" and was originated on the campus of Quinnipiac University based on the fact that there are an overabundance of Chinese delivery people there.
Yo Roice, get me some Kung Pow Chicken

Are you high? Because your eyes are very Roice like.

I don't get this math problem, any Roices around?
by 92A September 18, 2007
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Smart, amazing and kind person. Always positive. Likely to become a very successful person. Helpful and active. This name is the related to the 12.8 million dollar car.
Roice is very Active. Roice has a car named after him. Roice is smart and kind.
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by Roice is amazing January 04, 2018
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