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Generally people who are really sweet. Caring and don't lie.
Name is usually followed by a surname that is considered royal. Easy to get to know them (very friendly). Live in brands such as aeropostale and abercrombie and fitch. People with this name generally likey everything and find it smexy. Very good in literature. These people can make you feel good anytime :), worst type of person to talk to when your crying :) Good Friends :) People such as these love being fatasses :)
So rohanne :)
by You can guess :) June 29, 2010
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Unique name :)
is aka chora/prince charming :P
these sort of people can make you laugh when all you want to so is sit and CRY.
they can be pretty good, a lot more than just friends :P
they're the type of people who live ultra far away, but are still on your mind, night and day :)

estupidos :)
by Apenguinn :) September 01, 2010
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