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A successful Australian band, Rogue Traders were on the clubbing scene for many years before hitting the big time with their remix of 'One of my kind'.

Former Neighbours starlet and current host of SYTYD: AUSTRALIA Natalie Bassingthwaighte later joined the now extremely successful band.

Four singles were released from their four times platinum album Here Come The Drums, those being 'Voodoo Child, 'Way To Go!', 'Watching You' & 'We're Coming Home'. 'In Love Again' was also released as a digital-only track and was arguably one of the most popular radio hits in 2006.

'Better in the Dark', has so far reached platinum status and spawned the singles 'Don't You Wanna Feel', 'I Never Liked You' and 'What You're On', with speculation to a fourth single very fast-paced on the bands official forum!
Verse 1 of 'Don't You Wanna Feel' by the Rogue Traders

Embracing, the thought of tasting
My mind's a labyrinth, my heart is racing
I'm waiting, to escape in
A strange reality...a page I wanna paste in

Why don't you hold my hand...
by Nick is a Rogue March 16, 2008
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Rogue Traders are an Australian rock band best known for hits such as "Voodoo Child", "Watching You", "Way To Go", "In Love Again" and more recently "Don't You Wanna Feel" and "I Never Liked You". The band consists of James Ash (keyboards), Cameron McGlinchey (drums), Natalie Bassingthwaighte (vocals) and Danny Spencer (guitars) and has a loyal fan base.

Rogue Traders have been criticized for their fair and reasonable use of samples in the past, despite them obtaining permission from the original artists.

The Rogue's fans often frequent the official forum where James Ash is known to post fairly regularly and keep them updated. The band is also known for being friendly and often showing their appreciation of the fans as well as somehow managing to remember the names of seemingly almost every fan they meet in person.
Fan: "I saw the Rogue Traders in concert last night, they were awesome!"

Random person: "Did you get to meet them after all like you wanted?"

Fan: "Yeah! I waited for them after the show and when they came out, James and Natalie came over, had a chat and took some photos with me! They even remembered me from the forum somehow! I don't know how they do that, it's amazing!"

Random Person: "Cool, they sound like great people and I do like their music... I might join the forum"
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An Australian "band", or perhaps an excuse for a "band". They grab the music from other songs, such as The Knack's My Sharona and Elvis Costello's Pump it Up, and put their own crappy words over it.
The singer, Natalie Bassingwhaite, sounds terrible live.
(worded over My sharona)
Rogue Traders singer: "I see you, watching me, watching you..."

Me: "ARGFHQWHGADS! It's those damn Rogue Traders again, ripping off other people's songs!
by Taylor R April 08, 2006
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