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A rapist who donkey punches his victims.

The "Silverback" is a reference to Donkey Kong (a Silverback gorilla, and is where
the term donkey punch comes from), and "Rogue" refers to -

1. a dishonest, knavish person; scoundrel.
Since John is physically repulsive to women, he went Rogue Silverback in order to

acquire sex.
by Correctitude April 28, 2009
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Rogue Silverback
1. One who executes a number of well-timed donkey punches during a passionate session of rape.

History -

The term originates from one of history's greatest serial rapists - Donkey Kong (who was in fact a Silverback gorilla). What distinguished this rapist from an everyday boring rapist was his fearsome signature move, dubbed the "Donkey Punch".

In the aftermath of his trial and conviction, psychologist and author Dr. Mario coined the term in his best-selling novel, "Rogue Silverback : A True Story Of Fear, Love, And Anal Rape".
Fliers on campus warned students not to travel alone at night, lest they encounter the dreaded Rogue Silverback.
by ProfMarioPHD April 07, 2009
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In short, the Rogue Silverback is someone of high intelligence and usually of a high degree of fitness, who as a child was unpopular with his peers, but rather than joining any alternative culture, is fueled by his childhood failures and returns to the primary culture as an adult and meets with massive success socially, sexually, and financially. Rogue Silverbacks are ultimately far superior to typical silverbacks and are nearly universally agents of change who challenge the norms and taboos. Most cultural change is instigated or engineered by Rogue Silverbacks.


The Rogue Silverback is a sociological and anthropological role in the hierarchy of all societies and cultures of a certain size.
It is an exclusively male role, though there is evidence of a female counterpart. Thus far, the phenomena has been primarily observed in Human social structures. Research may or may not be being conducted to investigate whether or not this role occurs in other primates.

Every ingroup has a single dominant leader, called an Alpha Male or Silverback. This silverback is typically a naturally impressive physical specimen and typically epitomizes the current ideals of his society. As the position the silverback enjoys is due to his epitomizing the CURRENT ideals of his society, silverbacks are threatened by change, as it shifts ideals and challenges them, often making them obsolete. Thusly, culturally, silverbacks are less leaders than flamboyant support structures, and are rarely innovators. Far more often they are the agents of cultural stagnation.

All ingroups create outgroups, and each outgroup typically has its own silverback. However, when a society reaches a certain size, the Rogue Silverback may appear.

The Rogue Silverback almost universally was a child of very high intelligence who was unpopular as a child. It is critical that while the child is not accepted by the mainstream that he still hold its values, and refuses to join alternative groups. This creates a duality in the male child. On one hand he desperately wants the acceptance and approval of his peers, particularly the female ones. On the other, he sees all the group's faults, it's weaknesses, it's hypocrisy and stagnant, arbitrary dogma. He will observe the culture to which he wants to belong from a distance, learning and mapping out how it operates. In the process he will not only learn the secrets to acceptance and gain insights as to how to manipulate the system more effectively than those who were accepted naturally, but he also will sees all the inefficiency and failings of the system.

In his interim of research he often sculpts an entirely new body.
Rogue Silverbacks are often noted for maintaining an exceptional physique throughout their entire life once they achieve it in the aftermath of their childhood.
Due to his high intelligence and knowledge of society he is a superb conversationalist and extremely knowledgeable on a verisimilitude of subjects.

Upon his re-entry to society he is massively successful socially, sexually, and finically. He then uses his position and his time spent on the fringes to transform society.

What does it mean to be a Rogue Silverback?
It means you assume control of every social situation you encounter;
It means the people you meet will not only remember you, they will discuss you in your absence;
It means you don't just stand out in a crowd, you're very obviously in control of the crowd;
The opposite sex is drawn to you inexorably;
Culturally you're not only an early adapter, you're an innovator.
It's not enough to simply be sexy as fuck, though the Rogue Silverback usually is.
No, your fuckability is matched solely by your razor sharp intellect.

Inevitably you're a polarizing figure, leaving only two kinds of people that meet you: those that love and follow versus those that are threatened by your presence and what you represent.

by Rogue Silverback March 13, 2009
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