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"Dood... That guy is rofd, we should probably call 911"

"ROFD!1!! I GOT SERVED!11!1"
by RigorADD August 30, 2007
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Rolling on the Floor Dabbing - when you've done something so amazing that the only natural response is to dab, but the intensity of the dab takes over and causes you to fall to the floor in a fit of dabs.
Evan: Dude, you just nailed 30 three pointers in a row. Great job!
Ryan: *ROFD*

Evan: Hey, are you ok?
by FartsMcGee6 April 20, 2018
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Rolling on floor drunk - when one has reached the point of intoxication at which the ability to remain vertical fails, and suddenly you are horizontal, laughing because you are slightly confused as to why you are touching the floor with more than two points of your body.
Oh my god, I was so wasted I ROFD last night!
by The Scratching Post August 03, 2010
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