a common creature with pale clamy skin, tomestone teeth and the fragrence of cornish pasties. with infested genitals from laying scagheads off the bronx. his local tavern is the ancaster, where he injoys getting scagged up with his bird and her chums. then straight back to hers to watch her fall asleep.
by gueffo March 24, 2005
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A snobby, stuck up popular cheer girl who thinks she is the shit even though she is ugly as hell and everyone hates her. She is most likely part of the popular group. They are annoying as fuck and everyone hates them. As soon as they walk in the room, everyone’s vibe immediately changes. If u have these girls in your school, call them rodents
That girl is such a rodent!! She thinks she all that and a bag of chips but she’s actually annoying as hell.
by cupcakes723 October 10, 2020
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any adherent to the political philosophies of socialism, communism, fascism, or liberalism who embrace the idea of wealth redistribution and government control of people and business.
Rodents were the principal cause of the detroitification of the Motor City.
by Mayor Snorkum August 03, 2018
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A small mammal that can be distinguished by it's belly hanging on the floor.
Look at that Rat, it's a little rodent!
by gmduck94 July 27, 2018
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You mean “Rodent?” That duplicitous raw-dog, he gives new and sinister meaning to the term “twinning”.
“He’s so sweet! Any girl would be so lucky to have him as her guy!”

“Wait and watch. He’s a closet-rodent. Best to let that pack of deluded bullshit just scurry by. So sad though, he really thinks he’s something.”
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