A derogatory and slanderous name for a woman who is sexually promiscuous with numerous asshole men who treat her badly . This term may have been used a century ago comparing women to horses but it took root in the late 1960's basically among counter/counter culture long haired redneck white supremacist Harley riding, drinking, drugging, hell raising mysoginists It implies that the speaker of the term is too good for the woman he is critisizing.
One male to another :" Man she looks like she been rode hard and put away wet". His buddies reply: " Yeah I wouldn't even fuck her with ur dick+"
by Stevananda June 25, 2019
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The way someone looks or feels when they've had a hard time of it. From a horseman's term, when someone has not taken care of a horse after a hard day.
He was all hot and sweaty, he looks like he was rode hard and put away wet.
by Liberte July 28, 2006
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1)The phrase used to compare one's disheveled appearance to that of a penis which was still wet when he dressed after participating in rough sex.

a)Originally, this phrase compared the clothing-covered, wet penis to that of a horse who was stabled without being tended, after a long day of hard riding .
Guy walks into work looking like he walked straight from the bed to the car. Coworker says: "Damn dude...rough night? You look like you got rode hard and put away wet!"
by SexyNurseMonica October 2, 2019
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