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A Robynne is probably one of the most perfect kinds of people to know. When you are down you can count on a Robynne to cheer you up. Robynnes are very caring of others and shows sympathy for all. Robynnes stay up especially late and generally this is a good thing because it means she is talking to those she cares about. Robynnes enjoy mainly Indie Rock Music and is easy to relate to. Robynnes don't hate others who do harm to them (or those she cares about) they forget their existence. DON'T FUCK WITH A ROBYNNE.
Robynne is pretty cool she gets me.
by syrup~ December 14, 2013
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robynne is a rare, charismatic,pleaseant,placid,creative,awesome,witty natured unique individual that you can't live with out
wow, robynne's quite pleasantly charismatic with a tinge of unique individuality.
by potleafz43 December 29, 2011
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