A person who is mad crazy. She is fun (sometimes) and can be boy crazy. She got a fine body and is mainly only wanted for her ass. She's pretty wild...lemme tell you. I can say this definition is true because I am a Robyn haha. Anyways. Take note of this definition. They may or may not be obsessed with something, like a musical group or a TV genre or something. This urban dictionary is fucked all the way up :).
Yo, Robyn got a fine ass!

I know right!
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by Todorokibts October 14, 2019
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Robyn is a strong and sexy girl she’s a rebel and likes having fun. Robyn is probably a player and has had many boyfriends at the same time.She is also smart and witty and will not hesitate to rip your face of
Hay Robyn how u doinnnnnn?”
by uHoHsTiNkYpOoPy November 02, 2019
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Robyn S is a kind hearted girl who also has lots of talent using video star and she ALWAYS snaps she’s also caring and you have to reason to hate a queen. Not only that but she’s STUNNING she’s BEAUTIFUL. 💕
Robyn S is a goddess
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by Robyn S stan April 06, 2021
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A sweet and loving mama. She has my heart forever. My soul mate, best friend. Has been through so much in her life. Helped bring me to God. My perfect gift. My wife. Cooks so good. Beautiful curly hair like an angel.
Person: what’s for dinner?

Other person: Robyn cooked it so it must be good
by Jeffluvsrobyn November 03, 2020
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