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Robocock (adj) or (n).

1. Robocock (n) - A vibrator or dildo.

2. Robocock (adj) - Can be used to describe one's sturdy manhood.

3. Robocop's Penis
1. Yesterday I was going through your mom's purse Tom and I found this huge fishpaste covered Robocock!

2. I had sex with Jane last night. I don't know what it was but my dick was quite the robocock! The poor little warrior just kept soldiering on all night long and he refused to quit.

3. Robocop finally caught the evil crook and finished him off with his most deadly of weapons, the robocock.
by Connor McCarthy October 18, 2006
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Named after the film "Robo Cop" about a robot that is empowered to act as a policeman and robotically goes after criminals.
A Robo Cock is a guy who thinks with his dick and is always trying to get a fuck. Will spend massive amounts of time, money, energy, getting someone into bed to the exclusion of all else and when the goal is achieved will move on to the next fuck.
Man it was funny at first when steve was getting girl after girl into bed but dammit man, he has turned into Robo Cock.
by stinkingcheesenob April 19, 2008
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1. Penis equipped with squeeze bulb and implant for manual erection;
2. a vibrating dildo.
"So she pulled a pink,irridescent robocock out of her purse."
by J E Walker April 28, 2003
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Sex Game.

Using a new robot vacuum cleaner which intelligently cleans the floor of one's house. Robocock is a games where one lies naked in a room of his/her choice and waits in sexual anticipation for the robots suction device to find his/her genitalia.
Ahhh, I played an amazing game of Robocock last night. 2 hours and then I clogged up the robots neck
by J. Threvone October 12, 2010
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