The white man alrenative to Respect.

Its action of touching fists with a homie.
Person1: Ye blud
Person2: Yea man, roasts.
by Guy Wilson August 12, 2006
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An individual who doesn't abide by the social norms of civilized society.
''Did you see those roasts in pure last night? Grinding up against anything they could find''.
by Dickbutter93 December 24, 2012
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Used to define the hot temperature outside.
Guy 1:lads its quare warm today!
Guy 2:ye lad its roast!
by FairOrgan May 29, 2011
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To tell someone off with a bad ass comeback.

Boy: "kill yourself"

Girl: "if I wanted to kill myself I'd climb your Ego and jump to your IQ"
by Nikki Fazbear November 20, 2016
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to put a on a roast involves:
>two eager males
>one horney slut wanting some cock
>and a shinny dollar (decides who goes where)

the ladie must then let the males enter her baby cave and cake hole
AT THE SAME TIME..... she will love it!

try it next dinner party you'll be surprised

also see spit roast
>>"come on boys lets chuck her on the roast"
>"is your sister home cause im hungry for a roast"
>>"roast her"
by MORRO "MR ROAST" MORRISON October 20, 2006
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Roast - to go "roast" is to completely abandon a community or any responsibility that you have.
E.G Jimmy went Roast on his class project - never turned up to help them, ignored everyone involved on it and it eventually broke down and failed.
by insideman June 21, 2014
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