A weapon first used by Dio Brando and often is used while the wielder screeches WRYYYYY. While wielding such a construct, it is imperative to remember that once you throw it on top of someone, you must beat it down as much as possible until the person under it stops breathing


by Trumpthecoolkidswagger May 28, 2019
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A thing that you want to throw to your enemy in stopped time.
Why directly kill your enemy when you can use a road roller?
by end_2048 October 19, 2019
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One of the character items given to VOCALOID2 characters Rin and Len Kagamine. (also called Ren, due to the fact that Japanese people do not have a 'L' sound and pronounce the 'L' as a mix of a 'R' and an 'L' and has, by some western fans, been depicted as being spelled 'Ren' instead of the widely popular spelling of 'Len')

It is shown as a large, yellow road compactor (also known as a road roller) which the twins often use to run over the other VOCALOID's (most commonly KAITO), some pictures even show Rin running over Len. It's often pronounced by fans as 'rodo-rorra' when they prefer to stick to it's Japanese/VOCALOID prounciation.
Fan 1: Have you heard the VOCALOID song It's my Road Roller?

Fan 2: Yeah! It's really funny! I like that and Daughter of Evil's Road Roller!


Rin and Len: We're going to run you over with our Road Roller!
by Vocaloid fan DERP November 07, 2010
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Wait, does the road roller come with the stand?
by heretoraidanddestroy September 29, 2020
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