A group of shady men in beige trenchcoats and tall fedoras who carry stop signs, but appear to be doing nothing. Only other road crew workers are allowed to pass by them, and any information on the Milkman is strictly confidential to the group.
I am on the Road Crew. This is my stop sign!
by Roonil_Wazlib January 15, 2011
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The North Road Crew - NRC (aka Nonces Rapists & Charvas) are the fake wannabe plastic gansters from the shittest area of the shittest town in the north east!

They are all rent boys and are led by the town top rent boy! Most people only recognise them from behind, when they are either working as rent boys or running away from the other top gangs in the town like Branksome Headhunters or Haughton Mad Dogs! The scariest people in the NRC are the women, most of which are fucking brutal!

They spout loads of bollocks about being the top boys in Darlington but the truth is, that they are nothing more than a bunch of old nonces and rent boys who wouldn't dare say shit to annyone!
Alright must, I'm North Road Crew,
I like sucking cock and sniffing glue!
by Bish Vegas Legend July 20, 2018
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GRC for short, composed of the three biggest thugs in G.R., Poway, CA. These names are unlisted due to the countlest efforts to keep the heart of G.R. in tact. These three deviants are known to have the most G.R. heart. There have been a few spottings of these three, but no physical descriptions have been able to be captured. Most kids that attend Garden Road Elementary dream to be like the GRC, but nobody but the original three will ever have the heart and soul to apply to the mysterious tripplet. They represent the desired style of most garden roaders, and they roam around G.R. anytime of the day. Some say they are three normal kids who are exceptional students, but others believe in the GRC.
Last night i think i spotted The Garden Road Crew, but i only got a view of their shadows because of their sly style.
by A desirable fan September 30, 2007
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White road crew are the leading gay youth group in the medway towns. They have done much the raise the profile of gay youth pride in the medway towns.
dude, dont be homophobic, the white road crew (WRC) might hear you.
by analymononmouse May 12, 2009
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Hardest type of people of the North, NRC as they are known are the people of North Road. Consist of some boys and people like Little Marcy Cee
Oi mush, you part of the NRC

Aye I’m north road crew
by NRC leader July 19, 2018
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