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Rizzle Kicks is and expression used in the gay community they are the highly pleasurable contractions of the sphincter experienced when one is being ‘rimmed’- i.e. having your anus tongued by a partner. Skilled & experienced lovers can cause these contractions to progressively build to a level of orgasmic ecstasy, sometimes even causing involuntary ejaculation- this is known as ‘shampooing the rimmer’.
Leon: I got multiple Rizzle Kicks from a gay hooker last night

Keiran: I would have given you them for free

Leon: Your not skilled enough
by KHardy March 13, 2012
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An amazing English duo whose music varies between pop and rap. They've toured with Ed Sheeran as an opening act and are slowly gathering fame.
Girl 1: Hey have you heard of Rizzle Kicks?
Girl 2: Yeah I saw them last night at Ed Sheeran's concert! They were so good!
by carolinakrystal March 09, 2013
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