A small piece of land in Milwaukee on the wrong side of the river, but the "right" side of Holton St. It is shelter for the white offspring of the surrounding suburbs who didn't quite fit into the corporate mould. Many are "artists" or "musicians" and they spend the majority of their time drinking coffee, drinking booze, making "art" or passing out and calling their mother for more money.
Oh shit Emily, I need to make some money, I better start a band in Riverwest!
by acertainshape February 6, 2013
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Arguably, Milwaukee's most racially and socially diverse neighborhood. Home to many of the city's artists, musicians and poets as well as an equally eclectic nightlife where you can hear reggae, indie rock and underground hip hop on the same block on the same night.

Riverwest is also know for shattering outsiders' stereotypes and perceptions of Milwaukee and Wisconsin.
"Damn, I never would've thought a place like Riverwest would be in a state like Wisconsin."
by illwauk October 4, 2007
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1) Named for a bourough in Milwaukee, it is the act of stealing money or goods after the victim has fallen asleep after sex.
2) Being taken advantage of in a particularly classless manner.
1) I thought she was on the up and up, but when I woke up the next morning after hooking up with her, my wallet was gone. Looks like she gave me the old Riverwest Reacharound.
2) I got a Riverwest Reacharound after my purse got stolen by the guy I was flirting with at the dive bar last night.
by Mdamascus December 28, 2010
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