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A Rital is a girl that is very special. She is extremely caring, very kind, and is always remembered. A Rital knows what to do in every situation because of her strategic mind. A Rital is also a very loving person, with a very loving heart, with an amazing soul. It is literally impossible to live without a Rital. A Rital is the best friend/girlfriend that you will ever have. She is always there for you whenever you need her. She is your shoulder to cry, your friend to complain to, your friend that will always be by your side. If you date a Rital, put all your heart into her. She will appreciate it, and it will be worth it, especially when you cuddle. If you dump a Rital, prepare for what comes after you. I mean why would you even dump her? She is the sweetest girl ever! A Rital is the best thing that will ever happen to you. She is the only one that can make you smile on a depressing day. Once you see her, all your problems go away. Your heart flutters. Your eyes widen. You legit just saw the perfect one for you. You are the luckiest person alive. That is a Rital. There is so much more to say about a Rital. This is only a small portion of a Rital. So let me say again, a Rital is the most special girl you will ever meet, she is your angel. And you must be her guardian.
by Lee Sang Top March 21, 2018
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