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A sexual taboo where the male will seductively rub flammable oils on the woman's body before engaging in sexual intercourse. When the male is about to climax, he ignites his partner's body and immediately attempts to put it out with his semen. Should he be successful, the girl will most likely still be on fire, and during this time the male will proclaim "From the ashes I am new once again!" This is often considered murder.
I've gotta leave town, I pulled a rising phoenix on Beck last night.
by El Durago April 22, 2011
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When a woman pleasures seven men simultaneously by performing oral, anal, and vaginal sex, along with two hand jobs and two foot jobs.
Sean: Did you hear? Steph took down the entire commander’s offense at one time!
Bret: whaaaat? Seven dudes at one time? No way?
Sean: Duuuuude! Rising Phoenix!

Bret: (Nodding approvingly) Rising Phoenix.
by Pierre Longcock June 21, 2018
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