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Extra-ordinarily brilliant and funny, Rini is the paragon of beauty and brains, on the inside and out.
As I was echanted by Rini's Indian-princess face, she explained to me what it means to be a peacock.
by David Gilmore September 08, 2004
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A Rini beautiful inside and out and she's outright crazy at times. But she's there for you when you need her and she doesn't mind doing things to stick up for her friends. She loves things like anime most probably also fan girls over Korean and Japanese guys. She loves music and is most probably not afraid to say things in front of a very large crowd. But she may be very insecure at certain points so everyone should treat a Rini right because they are precious beings.
You should be more like Rini, kind and beautiful
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by Hurtsmyigloo September 19, 2017
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Extra ordinarily brilliant and funny, Rini is something most guys should be like. Most girls are attracted to Rinis.
I wish I could be like Rini, and get all the girls.
by Steven Hawking October 18, 2004
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A rejected human who is often seen around a Mixsillymax. Rini's are a type of landwhale/cow who has mutated as soon as they exited the womb of their "mother". Rini's are easy to spot, they are fat as fuck and look like a emo cum dumpster and are normally seen around an alpha Mixsillymax.
Person A: Jesus fuck, tell that Rini to go back to the fucking ocean

Person B: I know right, same with that fucking Mixsillymax
by C_lin February 14, 2017
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