Conny's rabbit and the thing that brought Emma and Norman to the truth.

No cap this little ugly rabbit has the biggest forehead ive ever seen like WHY YOU NEED THAT MUCH HEAD? YOU ARE A BUNNY-
Emma: wheres little bunny?
Norman: dead.
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When a guy puts his penis in between his legs so all you can see is his bush and it looks like a vagina.
Buffalo Bill had a crazy little bunny foofoo in silence of the lambs.
by Jake June 30, 2004
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A very hilarious person, usually male. This term can be used as an Insult or compliment. It can also be used to describe something, usually human, cute or cutesy.
Person A: "Person C is such a funny little bunny!"
Person B: "Yeah! He really is!"
Person A: "I love Person D.."
Person B: "Is she a funny little bunny?"
Person C: "Wait didn't you call me that the other day?"
Person B: "Shut up, nobody likes you."
by chickenbones:) April 2, 2022
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look a little lost bunny
look a little lost bunny
by hunter27 May 26, 2020
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A delicious brown skinned woman wearing a bunny suit on Easter Holiday. She loves to tease men by shaking her bunnytail for fun. The horny man chase the bunny through the enchanted woods to mate.
Guy: My little chocolate bunny loves to hop and nibble on my carrot stick.
by Dova Odara December 2, 2014
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