1. A classic Nursery Rhyme always sung in preschools, day cares, and kindergarten classes all over.
2. One of the most gothic songs ever.

Although never confirmed, this seemingly harmless nursery rhyme is believed by many people to refer to the Black Plague in Europe during the Middle Ages. It seems quite strange, and even a little scary for 5 year old kids to be singing to this song.

Here's a breakdown of the song:

Ring Around the Rosey(victims of the plague would usually have a red, swollen ring around their eyes)

A pocket full of posies(people would carry flowers in their pockets to cover the lingering smell of death, and some people even thought they would ward off the disease)

Ashes, Ashes(this refers to the fact that they would take dead bodies and people suffering from the disease, throw them in pits, and burn their bodies to slow down the spread of the disease)

We all fall down(basically this means death)

Ring around the Rosey.
A pocket full of posies.
Ashes, Ashes.
We all fall down.

The thought of innocent children singing this song in their nursery schools is pretty bone chilling.
by Philip Cunningham January 25, 2007
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After anal sex, you lick around your partners asshole to clean it up
After Jeff and Phil did the dirty deed, Phil gave Jeff a Ring Around the Rosey so he would be clean for round two!
by Bigrow November 02, 2016
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ring around the rosey death
by lakeside-sucks February 05, 2019
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when you have sex with a female during her period and then remove the condom. The ring around the penis is known as a "ring around the rosey"
I was horny so i banged my girl on her period. When i took off the condom i had a ring around the rosey
by MikeVinci July 17, 2005
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